Last Falling for Ewe Swap Present…

2 12 2008

So my last package was delivered yesterday!

Here’s what I got…
alt text

She gave me more of the wonderful Cashsoft yarn which is so nice. And she gave me something that was so surprising… a skein of Fleece Artist Wool and Sea Cell blend. I’ve never spoiled myself to buy anything with sea cell in it for myself and honestly I hadn’t really expected to get it from anyone else either. I can’t wait to use it! THANK YOU SO MUCH for this!!! I couldn’t be happier or feel more spoiled than I have this round.

Thanks again so much, BRIDGEKNIT from Ravelry, you have made this a great swap!


Falling for Ewe Swap Q6

25 11 2008

“What seasonal knitting projects are you looking forward to”

I don’t have any particular project I’m really looking forward to doing. Right now I’m working on a vest that I’ve want to do for a long time, but I don’t know if it will ever get done with how busy I’ve been.

Color Swap Package Arrived Today!

17 11 2008

I got my Color Swap package today!!! It’s timing couldn’t had been better. I really needed a pick me up today. Yesterday afternoon I was painting my theater room (I’m surprising my husband for Christmas by remodeling the whole thing) and I ended up falling and hurting my foot badly. So for the next few days my doctor says I need to be completely off my feet since I’ve possibly fractured it. Anyways, I was sitting with my foot up visiting with my closest girlfriend while her husband was hanging a new light for me. Her son came in with my gift. I was so excited. What a nice surprise.

Here’s what I got…
alt text

First I got two packages of really unique napkins that I can’t wait to use when I host my next bunco party. Then I got tea and chocolate. Best of all is my box came from Finland so it’s foreign tea and chocolate. It’s a huge candy bar too with milk chocolate (which I love because my hubby won’t sneak it) and toffee pieces which I love too. Next was a really cute group of purple stitch markers with a humming bird on one of them. My spoilee also sent me a really neat Donald Duck comic book in her language which she wrote she thought my boys would enjoy seeing in another language. I can’t wait to take it to my cub scout den and show all the boys when we are discussing language and culture. I think they will get such a kick out of it. And on top of all this great stuff she gave me three skeins of yarn. One is a wool and polymid blend, the next is a wool and bamboo blend and the last one is a wool and silk blend. She wrote me that not all were purple (my favorite color) because purple was so hard to find around where she lived. I never thought of that possiblilty, but I’m sure glad she tried. And she even sent me a sweater pattern and took the time to translate it for me too! Her present was really great. And I still haven’t even listed the best part. She made me a scarf! And it’s not just any scarf it’s perfect. My girlfriend said it was “so me” and she’s right. It’s so me, I can’t wait to wear it. I took a picture of it…
alt text

But honestly this is a horible picture of it. It doesn’t do it justice at all. The scarf is really beautiful. I just couldn’t take a better picture with my husband all over me about being up and around taking pictures and not taking it easy.

I really want to thank my spoilee, Gargoylelib on Ravelry, I feel trully spoiled. Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts.

Time flies when your having fun (or busy woking)!

14 11 2008

So I’ve been insanely busy… I’m remodeling my theater room! I’m not letting my husband see it until it’s all done as my Christmas present to him. He’s been wanting it painted darker for so long now, but never gets around to it. He had even boughten this really, REALLY dark grey paint for it. So I’ve been painting (with the help of one of my girlfriends). I decided to paint the wall behind the screen the dark color and then bought white paint and mixed it with the darker paint to lighten up the side walls and then will add more white to light the back wall up even further. Then I went to IKEA (love that store!) and bought a bunch of bookcases and a table top to give us a bunch of storage and really make the room functional. Up until less than a year ago we had been using it to store car parts! Yeah, what a waste of such a wonderful space. Now it’s going to be beatiful, I’m so excited to show it off! Can’t wait to do Bunco and Movie Nights!

But it’s a lot of work and is taking so long because I want it to be perfect. On top of that I’ve had scout functions (have an all day training tomorrow for that) and I’ve been helping out with our school’s bingo night which we just enjoyed tonight (I was up until 1am last night with that) so I just feel like this past couple of weeks or so have been such a blur! I’m so excited about the Bingo night too… I won a bag that I’ve wanted for a while now. One of the mother’s of another scout in our pack designed them and has started her own business selling them. They are perfect for knitting with a clear pocket in the front that is perfect to fit a knitting pattern in so you can see it (that was a raffle prize). Then I won a silent auction too! One of my girlfriends (the same one who’s helping me paint) has a husband who works for the sheriff’s office. His work donated 10 hours, your choice of what you want to do. I paid $75 (which works out to be $7.50 an hour) to go do whatever I choose as many things as I want… my choices are to use the driving simulator, shooting simulator, go on ride alongs with a couple of different choices for departments, and a few other things a tour of the jail and spending time with the CSI to see the latest stuff their using to solve crimes. It’s so exciting! I can’t wait.

I just got my second Falling For Ewe Yarn Swap package!

2 11 2008

 Look what I got…

alt text

First there is some beautiful malabrigo! I was so excited to get this, my friend who taught me how to knit is using this same stuff to make this gorgious shirt. It’s so soft I just love to pet it. 😉 Next is this really nice merino, microfibre and cashmere yarn in purple which as soon as I find a pattern for I think will be one of my next projects for me. Then I got some candy which honestly I hid in my theater room (candy has been my downfall with Halloween).

I also got a new measuring tape which is something I’ve really needed, since my youngest son keeps thinking it’s a toy. I also got coconut scented soap, my favorite smell! So just with all this I’m feeling spoiled, but then she even included stuff for my scouts! She gave me sports stickers and these really cute sport buttons.

Thank you!

I’m so flattered…

25 10 2008

So I knit Boo the Bat for a gift for one of my closest girlfriends, she’s having her big, annual Halloween Party tonight and I can’t wait to give it to her. But I’ve had a couple of messages on Ravelry from mochimochiland and we talked about her using my picture of Boo on her Blog. I’ve had a couple of people make the same kind of requests about other projects I’ve done so I didn’t think to much about it. Until I had a question for the pattern writer… I’m such a simpleton sometimes! Here mochimochiland is Boo the Bat’s pattern writer! I was so excited to see my little guy included on her web page!

You can see it here…

I know it’s kind of silly to feel all flattered, but I do. 🙂

Son’s Big Birthday Party…

20 10 2008

So yesterday was my oldest son’s ninth birthday! We have always had his parties at home and this year he despritely wanted a party out somewhere else. So we decided on Safari Sam’s, they have the largest jungle gym in Oregon. Alex invited a bunch of his friends and we had so much fun. It was really a blast! They played for hours, even the adults. We did the giant jungle gym; then had cake, ice cream and presents; and then they all got 20 tokens a piece to use in the arcade. Some of the boys won hundreds of tickets, I was shocked. Then back to the jungle gym of course. I think this was the best birthday my oldest has ever had… even for me! For the first time I can ever remember I got to actually take a step back and not have to do anything but watch the kids have fun and even got to play with them. We had a party host who took care of everything. It was so wonderful!

Here’s a couple of snap shots I took of the jungle gym. Their not the best because there isn’t any room to back up and get a full shot of the place, it’s just to big.